NightForce Rifle Scopes

NightForce Rifle Scopes

Xtreme Tactical Ltd are proud to be authorised dealers of NightForce Rifle Scopes and Accessories.

If you’re like us, you learned to shoot with an inexpensive scope and perhaps a hand-me-down rifle. As your proficiency grew, you soon realized the limitations of average riflescopes, and came to the conclusion that you can replace several marginal riflescopes over a lifetime. Or just buy one really good one. 

Most of our customers are experienced hunters or shooters who have grown tired of limitations. They understand that the only true bargain is a riflescope that will last a lifetime–or more–and performs impeccably under the worst conditions possible, with predictable results every time they pull the trigger. 

Rare is the shooter who doesn’t seek greater accuracy, more distance, and tighter groups. Many put vast sums of money into their rifle, devote countless hours to finding the perfect load, yet give little thought to their optics. That is unfortunate. 

The finest, most expensive custom rifle will only shoot as well as its optics allow...while even a modest production rifle is capable of outstanding accuracy when paired with a world-class riflescope. 

But, if you’re considering a Nightforce, you already know these things.

Please do not hesitate to contacting us by emailing should you have any questions regarding our range of NightForce items.