EOTech Vudu Rifle Scopes

EOTech Vudu

Xtreme Tactical Ltd are proud to be authorised dealers of EOTech Vudu Rifle Scopes and Accessories

Born of decades of EOTECH battle-proven reliability, every Vudu rifle scope is engineered, scrutinized and torture-tested to deliver accuracy and dynamic handling in any situation. Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and furnished with the highest quality AR coated (anti reflective coated), XC™ High-Density glass, featuring a first focal plane optic (in most models) for quick, accurate target ranging at every magnification level.

Surgically precise turrets efficiently move, stop and instantly return to zero with repeatable accuracy every click and every engagement. And its exceptionally bright illuminated reticle stands out against any background. Designed to bring you to your target quicker, more reliably and with zero margin for error.

Please do not hesitate to contacting us by emailing should you have any questions regarding our range of EOTech Vudu items.